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The Next 1. November 30, 2009

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Sarah Geronimo. One of the brightest and sought after star in Philippine showbiz industry is coming to our city. What a Magandang Gensan indeed to be visited by this box office leading lady. She has proven her worth and continue showing what she has to give in the entertainment industry.

And now she’s coming here in General Santos City to show her kababayan Generals her talents that had impressed not only her fellow countrymen but also abroad. Thanks for Mr. Michael Wee, a dynamic businessman, owner of Grab A Crab and Coffee Club 101 , and a local/international producer, who make this event possible. Also a special thanks to Gensan News Online Mag who promotes and supports this “The Next One Concert” of the pop star princess Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah Geronimo-the Next One Concert
Prior for the entry for 5 Reasons why you should watch ‘The Next One Concert’ BLOG Contest these are my reasons for it.

Well, 5 reasons are more than enough for us to be convinced to watch for it.


It would be a great honor for us , generals, to be visited and entertain by the hottest and young superstar of this generation.

She is the pop star princess, the box office queen, the record breaker and now THE NEXT SUPERSTAR of her generation. Tagged with different names, Sarah Geronimo takes it as a challenge and continue to prove that she’s all worth the praises that has been given to her.
An honor indeed to watch a promising star to perform in front of the audiences.


This concert showcases not only Sarah Geronimos’ talent but of course of a bunch of stars and singers that have been successful in their own genres.

Indeed the hottest singing sensation in the industry is in one roof performing and entertaining their fans as Jay – R, Billy Crawford, Mark Bautista, Simon Wood and Jimmy Marquez will be there to jam with the generals.


Sarah Geronimo stands not only as an entertainer/ performer but as well as a role model to this generation.

Sarah Geronimos’ life has been public since her age of 14. Her life has been gossips all over the country since she won the prestigious contest Star for a Night . Her life story has serve as inspiration to young aspirants of today and her “masang” appeal bring her nearer to their hearts.
Sarah Geronimo is definitely hot in the eye of her supporters.
She’s not just a pop star princess nor a box office queen to the hearts of young Filipino but also a role model today and the coming generation.

So, how could you imagine a pop star princess and a role model to the youth performing and jamming on the stage with different audiences? Well, definitely, this concert will show you more!

FourthThe Music.

Sarah has been in entertainment industry for almost 6 years, receive different awards in OPM music and serenade the hearts of the masang Pilipino with her greatest hits in opm.

On the other hand, Louie Ocampo, musical director of THE NEXT ONE CONCERT, has been known also as musical composer and arranger in Pinoy music. He had received different award as songwriter and musical composer both local and international scene.

It would be a breath taking event hearing the pop star princess with the musical director Louie Ocampo. What a great combination of music and appeal in the hearing of their supporters.


Anyone who’ll watch Sarah Geronimo dancing in a fast and high beat of music will truly be amaze of her performance and cannot resist dancing to the beat of her sounds. A breath taking performance she’ll truly give to her audiences.

Sarah Geronimo engages her showbiz career not only in singing and acting but as well as in dancing. Versatility and hard work has been her key to the entertainment world. She has been visible performing live in her regular show during weekend in ASAP ’09 in her mother network, ABS-CBN.
So what more could you ask for? A package talent will be here in GenSan to make as all high.

So get ready to be hype, Jam together with the popstar princess and See you on December 11, 2009, 8pm at Lagao Gymnasium.

Created by:Pauline Mae Serenina.


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    Got it!

    Thanks for joining!

    Check back on my blog for updates.

    See you soon! 🙂

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